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"Already in my second month, I’ve been able to hit $10,000 in revenue, which I didn’t even know was possible in such a short amount of time."

"I was able to get page 1 within about a week and I had about 13 keywords and in about 40 days I totally sold out my product! "
"I’d say the first 3 days I’d already started to ‘snowball’ and get more daily sales. I reached not only page 1, but I was number 1 and getting the same amount of sales as them."
"This course offers so much value…  they are the best at what they do, they’ve helped me tremendously!"

"Through his [Sam’s] guidance, I was able to rewrite and do something that I’ve never done before – and was able to be fully optimized and launched with my product on page 1."
"Just learned a lot of little things that I didn’t even know I needed to learn."

Michelle & Stephen
"While we were here, we sold our first product completely organically. We did not have a chance to ask for help from our group. It was a great bonus to the trip."

"This is definitely different training unlike any other mastermind or any other…"

"How could you not want to join, or be involved. They both have so much energy and they’re so much fun, interesting and knowledgeable. They make the work fun!"
Annie & Elieen
"They’re phenomenal, so positive and so… also transparent. The fact that they will tell you anything and everything is amazing. That never happens!"
"Anyone that joins and doesn’t take advantage of the China trip is definitely not taking full advantage of the program." (Sourced 270 products on his 3rd day).

Dave & Peter
"We have more [products] that we can launch in the next 12-24 months."

Brian & Jenn
"We found well over 200 products and we’re just wildling the list down to try to get to 3-5 to start."

"With great mentors like Mike, Sam and the other Mike the pieces of the puzzle are coming together. I’m grateful for the guidance, because I’d be completely lost without them."
"They can just drill down on what you’re stuck on and help you get through it right away – probably one of the most valuable things."
"I would recommend the online training to anybody. It’s critical. You’re getting information that is transformative."

"Became an international seller!"

"I’m just thankful that I’ve finally found a place that’s an aggregator of all the information I’m really looking for."
"I’m 13 years old. The biggest takeaway for me was to learn new marketing techniques to lower the price of production."

"If you’re not in this course already, I’d find a way to get in it – because this has been some of the most valuable time I’ve spent in the last 5 months."

"After learning from everyone and I have a product that I want to come out with – I feel more confident to actually sell on Amazon."

"Anybody that wants to start a business with minimal amount of funds, work from home, this is the thing – this is what you’ve got to do."
“Without this experience, my products would have failed and now they’re going to succeed.”

“Couldn’t have gotten this if I wasn’t here!”

Tom & Michelle
"We’re just finishing our 3rd month, and we feel really fortunate with the success that we’ve had… it’s directly attributable to following step-by-step everything they taught us in the online training."
"The coaches are so supportive, they go over and beyond what I could have ever imagined!"
“I’m new to the group… with the online training that I’ve received, I’ve been able to do everything and actually order my first product by the end of this week.”
“Michael Carrington and Sam have been awesome and they’ve been super helpful!”

“There’s so much knowledge in this group, with these coaches and everybody… it’s just unbelievable!”
“It’s specific, actionable information… I don’t know where I’d find it otherwise.”
“The team cares about your success and wants to ensure you’re doing the best that you can and how much they’re willing to help with all the small questions you may just not know the answers to.”
“All the information that they’ve compiled for you, all at once… it’s awesome, it’s amazing!”
“The great thing about this coaching program is that it’s always evolving.”

“They gave us all they had and if we asked for more, they were willing to give more.”

“If you gave this training to somebody without them paying for it, they wouldn’t do anything with it… it’s that extensive!”

Steve & Gene
“It’s a formula that will work, but you have to make sure that you’re willing to put the effort in.”
Matt & Aubrey
“They’ve made every step of this so comfortable.”

“What you get back is more than what I’ve heard before. It’s just exponentially more than what you invest into it.”
John & Rosa
“If you’re willing to put in the investment and willing to put in the time and effort it’s something that is definitely going to work out great for everybody.”
Doug & Erica
 “I think it took us to the next level… it was just the icing on the cake!”

“The network of people. The people that decide to come to these things are almost by definition really ‘top notch’ so they’re going to challenge each other and really push the network.”
Stan & Christie
“They want us to success and they’re leading by example. And so, they wouldn’t ask us to do anything that they haven’t done their selves.”
“I’ve learned more than what I’ve paid as far as value goes!”

“The experience in China has been invaluable… I have at least 200 products that I want to launch at this point.”

“I like how the information can be applied to other businesses, other online ventures that you might want to do. It’s pretty much universal.”

“I launched my first product in the beginning of June/end of May and I’ve made $12,000 in sales.”
“I’m just so excited to be selling online and making money in a way that I thought I never would.”

“I just joined a couple of weeks ago… and just the way that you guys set up the tools and infrastructure for people to be successful, and I love the fact that you have this Inner Circle for people to launch products and talk to each other.”
“I love being a part of the group, because everyone is so supportive… everyone is out for everyone’s success, which I just think is amazing.”

"If you want free time and you know how this passive income system could work I think you see the same thing. Give these guys a shot! "
“We talk about this every single day, about how mind-blowing and very helpful they are in helping us launch our products.”
The idea of meeting up with people that are like-minded is just really enthralling and really wonderful!

“What you guys are teaching us can change lives, it changed my life so that I can live the lifestyle that I want with my family.”
“We set a goal for 300 sales in the first 2 weeks and we met that in 8 days!”
“I’m around people who are just as motivated as I am to create financial independence, not simply for money but for lifestyle, time and freedom.”

“If I didn’t have this training to follow I’m sure it would be very difficult for me to research everything and to come up with a process that would work.”
“Bar none this is the best education I’d ever received… I’m going to be a student of theirs for a long time!”
“It’s just been an incredible journey so far. Right now I am in the process of sourcing my first product… it’s been so awesome, so great!”
Guy & Mona
"It gave us a roadmap to eCommerce without having to re-invent the wheel."
“Love the Facebook group, love the modules that I can listen to them again and again… and I’m just grateful for you guys!”
“We are moving about 15-20 units per day right now and we would like to get that up to about 60… maybe up to 100.”
“This is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life… right now I have about 74 five-star reviews, best-seller ranks at 29 and I’ve sold in 45 days almost 500 units.”
“Before this I have never really sold anything online, I wasn’t really technologically savvy… all of this is a great learning experience for me.”
Debbie & Jon
“Today… we’ve hit our biggest number of sales organically. We just want to continue to grow that!”
Dave & Natalia
“One of the things I love most about [the group] is the diversity, not just ethnic diversity… but the overall diversity of life experience.”
“The video tutorials are great and it is good just to continuously go over and over.”
“The steps that are laid out are succinct and something that you can follow, whereas there are so many programs out there that you can’t follow what the people give you.”
“I reached 6 figures in a 12 month period.”

Chris & Valencia
“It’s very rare to work with people who want to do things the right way and share with other on how to do it as well.”
“Our first 12-13 days we averaged over $1,000 per day in revenue.”
“We love this business for the business model itself… this is absolutely the right model for us.”
“In the 4-5 weeks that I’ve been involved it’s been amazing on how much information I’ve gotten. They’re always giving a little bit extra and more than I expected.”
“I did about 6K in 1 day!”
“With the contacts that they’ve provided, I was able to source product… and the first product that I launched, I was able to find in China for $1 and I’m able to sell it for $15 now.”
“As of now, I have a shipment of 1,000 units on its way, in transit… and I’m in the middle of sourcing my second product as well.”
“What I enjoy the most is the energy, the enthusiasm, your knowledge and you’re all so professional… it’s truly been a blessing to be a part of.”
“Having watched all the videos a couple of times, all the webinars, I can completely see that this is going to change my life down the line.”
“With the new content that Mike and the team have come out with, it’s super exciting… I’m losing sleep over it! It’s a game changer, being able to get ranked on page 1 in record time!”
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